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Scroll down to see all of our suspension offerings including Corvette components and our own in house products.

  • SRG Force

This is our main platform. This suspension comes with our Monster Arm adjustable tubular control arms, our SRG lever type adjustable stabilizer bar, and other more basic components of your choice on the front. The rear end will use a 9" Ford housing with either a uneven length parallel 4 link with a triangulated or parallel 4 link with a panhard bar centering device(which can be upgraded to other options). These come together to create a solid and very well handling ride experience. Compatible for air ride or coilovers.

64-67 Chevelle.png
  • SRG EVolution

The SRG EVO package is our top of the line performance package. It uses our Monster Arm adjustable control arms, our SRG HD adjustable lever type stabilizer bar, and works with the majority of high end component kits. These include C5, C6, and C7 Vette Spindles or aftermarket Billet Spindles. The rear end uses a custom Billet 9"center housing unit and stub axle package with a lot of Corvette Z06 components and styling. Variations of this package are rated well beyond 1200+ HP. This works with many high performance brake packages. Compatible for air ride or coilovers.

Camaro(use as Nova).png
  • C4 Vette

This setup uses components from the C4 Corvettes and is a great option for those who want performance but don't want to break the bank. It uses the C4 spindles, control arms, and bearing assemblies but has been converted to work with coil overs or air ride instead of the factory leaf spring. The factory C4 IRS can be setup for 84-87 or the more desirable 88-96 units. 

  • C5, C6, and C7 Vette

C5, C6, and C7 Corvette are more modern options. Depending on what generation you select, it will come with the corresponding control arms, spindles, bearing assemblies, and a coil over or air ride conversion. With these, you may use the factory brake setups or upgrade to a aftermarket system. We use the SRG lever type stabilizer bar to work with the control arms. The rear end consists of the corresponding IRS and also many of our EVO components.

67-69 Camaro.png
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