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At SRG, we offer many different points of Customization to your Chassis, but the main is our Suspension. Click here to compare our in-house products and stock Suspension options. 

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Street Rod Garage is a different kind of Chassis Shop. So many others build the same products over and over again, making your Car no different from the next. Here at SRG we understand that you want to stand out from the crowd. A fully custom Chassis from Street Rod Garage is the perfect way to do that.

Frame + Chassis

See the srg difference

Each SRG Chassis and its components are 100% U.S. made with the highest quality materials and is Guaranteed for life. Each Frame starts off as a flat sheet metal where we bend and back weld to create our incredibly solid rails. We have everything you need to put your ride on the best foundation possible.

Get all the options and pricing here.


Our Builder Basic Package is the default selections and price that will be chosen when designing a Chassis. This package includes your Chassis in bare steel, our SRG Force Suspension, John's 9" Hot Rod Housing with 31 spline axles, Ford style rack and pinion, and engine and transmission mounts that fit your set up.

*Builder Basic Package pictured (Wheels and Tires not included)


Our Chassis are the only ones on the market to incorporate our inner structure truss system (the X-brace system) into our fully fabricated and boxed Frame rails. This drastically reduces the torsional flex of the frame, which in return increases performance by making the suspension absorb the energy instead of the frame flexing and absorbing it. This system actually reduces the weight versus the factory chassis, making it extremely light and the strongest aftermarket chassis on the planet.

Our Chassis are the highest quality on the market today. We take pride in our work and stand by the saying...


"Quality over Quantity"

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