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47-54 Chevy Truck Chassis

$13 500.00
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$13,500 is the price for our basic builder package. This package includes a Chassis in bare steel with our SRG Force Suspension, a Johns 9" Hot Rod Housing with 31 spline axles, Ford style power rack and pinion, and engine and transmission mounts to fit your set-up. Please contact us with questions and other options that may not be listed on the website. Don't be afraid to mix and match, most components work together.

To learn more about Our Process, explore our different Suspension setups, and get familiar with our SRG lingo, return to the Frame and Chassis page.

Street Rod Garage was the first company to bring a full 1947-1954 Chevy Truck Chassis to the aftermarket game while also offering the most options. Depending on options that you choose, this Chassis can can be a direct fit or might require some body modifications. Many of our C5, C6, and C7 IRS setups will require body modifications for clearance. Some new style Transmissions will require tunnel modifications. Body modifications will also depend on tire size, tubs, and other factors. Some trucks may require the bed to be raised due to desired stance and clearance. Our Frames are the only ones on the market to incorporate our inner structure truss system (the X-brace system) into our fully fabricated and boxed Frame rails. This drastically reduces the torsional flex of the frame, which in return increases performance by making the suspension absorb the energy instead of the frame flexing and absorbing it. While doing so we actually reduce the weight of the Chassis as a whole and simultaneously make it the strongest aftermarket chassis on the planet.

*Note some setups will not work together

*Prices are subject to change

*Not all setups are pictured

*Chassis design and appearance are constantly evolving to create a better product

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