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SRG A Body Frames Chassis 1968-1972 Chevelle, GTO, Tempest, Cutlass, GS, Skylark


Your Price: $10,995.00
Item Number: 68-72 Chevrolet Chevelle Chassis

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SRG has done it again!

1st to bring you a true bolt on GM A-Body

Aftermarket Frame or Rolling Chassis.

All GM A-Body Cars from 1964-1972.

Pontiac GTO, Tempest and Lemans
Chevrolet Chevelle, Malibu
Buick GS, Skylark
Oldsmobile Cutlass

With our entrance into the Muscle Car
Chassis Market look for several exciting
new muscle car frames and chassis with
more options than anyone else in the

Basic Frame packages available as well
as complete rollers based on stock style
suspension components and our updated
components including independent front
and rear suspensions as well as air ride.

Please call us to discuss your project needs
and keep a close watch on this website for
updates and pics of different chassis options.

Street Rod Garage A Body Chassis Specs
Options and Comparison

The Frame: All SRG Frames are designed
and CNC cut in house and completely fixture
built. The build processes we use gives
us the ability to strengthen the frame and reduce
the torsional flex. SRG adds inner structure
trussing every 10-12" inside the frame as well
as double plating in all high stress areas.
This does take us extra time but it is well worth
it in the strength added which equals
better performance and ride. Sure we could use
a piece of tubing and either mandrel bend it
or cut and weld it but thats the easy way out
and definately not the best. You see, using
tubing you are very limited to what you can do
as far as inner structure or beefing up the
inside of the frame. Also, mandrel bending or
cut and welding tubing doesnt allow you to
have the nice flowing lines that we can achieve
with our build process. Our process allows
us to sculpt the frame and achieve the look we
want instead of being limited by our material
and machinery. We also have a nice clean
flowing transition up the front kickup as well
which really makes our chassis look better
when its under the car. As with all our frames
there are no modifications needed to your
floor. After the rails are built we then add our
massive center K-member support with port
holes for the exhaust to run through
(standard size will accomodate up to 3" tubing).
The frame has all body mounting, core support
mount and bumper mount holes in factory
locations and factory type
rubber body mounts can be used.

Independent Front Suspension: At SRG we
are always looking for better ways to do things
to improve strength, performance, safety and
looks so thats why we completely designed
our own IFS for the A-Body. Although we
do have other options that we offer for the
A Body IFS we recommend the SRG IFS for
looks and better performance. The CNC cut
crossmember flows like the rest of the
frame and has the inner structure to match. The
crossmember also welds on top, inside and
bottom of the frame for a wrap around weld
for strength and safety. With updated
geometry for this particular chassis as well. Our
fully adjustable control arms are available in
plain steel, brushed stainless, polished stainless
and chrome plated which is twice as many
options as anyone else. Also, our control arms
are build from 1/4" wall thickness DOM
tubing not 1/8" like most our our competitors. We
have options for several different spindle
options as well in standard or 2" drop. The steering
is a real plus as well with available manual or
power rack and pinion steering which eliminates
the old steering box and sloppy steering of
the original tri-five. Adjustable coilovers as well as
Air Ride are also available. Other Available
IFS options include: Heidts Superide, C-4 Vette or
C-5 Vette.

Rear Suspension: Most companies have only
a couple of rear suspension options available
but not here. We have several options out back.
9" Ford Solid Axle, 12 bolt, Heidts 9" IRS
Kugel IRS, C-4 Vette Independent, Quickchange.
For the solid axle suspensions we offer
triangulated 4-link, parallel 4 link with watts
link or panhard bar, ladder bars or Nascar style
truck arm setups. Air Ride or Adjustable
Coilovers are also available on all rear suspension
setups as well. We also have many options
as far as finish on all suspension components
from plain paintable steel to full show
polished stainless steel. We offer more
options than anyone in the chassis business.

Brakes: Again, SRG offers more options than
anyone. We offer the following front and rear
brake options. 11" standard disc with single
piston cast calipers, 12" Wilwood slotted and
drilled rotors with 4 piston calipers. 13" Wilwood
slotted and drilled rotors with 6 piston
calipers. All Wilwood calipers are available
in polished, black, silver or red finishes. For
rear brakes we offer 10" or 11" drum, 11"
standard disc with built in emergency brake, Wil-
wood 12" with slotted and drilled rotors with
hidden built in emergency brake. Other brakes
made be considered at your request. We
recommend Wilwood Brakes for safety, looks and

Engine and transmission mounts: We can
install mounts for just about any engine and

transmission combo you are planning to use.
All transmission mounts are drop out style

and we include the frame side as well as
the engine and trans side of the mount and each

chassis gets a test fit of a mock up engine
and trans like you plan to use so there are no

problems when you start to mount your
engine. Many options available here and we will

discuss engine and trans mounting
in detail prior to building your chassis.

Brake Lines: SRG can install your brake
lines in plain stainless steel, polished stainless
steel or plain steel and includes all hard
lines, frame clamps in stainless, proportioning
valve, fitting and flex lines out to all four wheels.

Fuel Tanks: Stainless Steel or Aluminum
in Polished or Brushed finishes available in 16
or 22 gallon. 22 Gallon tanks are frame
mount and require removal of spare tire well on
sedans, hardtops and convertibles. Available
with fuel injection pump or no pump for carb
engines. All come with sender installed.

Fuel Lines: Fuel lines are available in many
options as well. We offer many different sizes
for different applications in hard line stainless
steel, aluminized or stainless braded in silver
or black finish.

Finishes available: SRG offers you your
chassis in bare raw steel or show paint. Show
paint option includes pre-assembly of
chassis, disassembly, prep, paint with 3 coats
base, 3-6 coats clear, color sanding,
buffing and polishing to show finish and then
re-assembled and detailed. Additional
options are a textured finish or we will consider
any other requests. SRG recommends
mocking up in bare steel prior to painting.


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