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George Foreman... This guy knows more than just Boxing and Grills!

He knows Cars too!!!

Custom One-Off SRG Rolling chassis for Georges 1951
Chevrolet 2dr Sedan.

Fresh off the trailer after a 12hr ride from Alabama to Texas.

The man himself checking out his new Streeet Rod Garage Chassis.

Hows this for a home shop.  SWEEEEEEET!

He is the proud owner of a pair of slick 32's.
Told you he knows cars.

What a variety.

(Right to Left)
Chris, George, Delane, Brantley

We would like to thank George for his hospitality and for hanging
out with us for a few hours, showing us around his shop and home.
He is a really down to earth, classy guy and a great pleasure to do
business with.  Oh , I almost forgot.... Thanks for the grill.  It cooks
a mean hamburger.


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