1932 Ford Style frame for A Models

Model A Frame

Introducing our new Street Rod Garage 1932 Ford style frames and chassis for the Model A. These are designed to give your A Model Chassis the stance and ride that is a must if you want a rod with "the look". We basically started with our 32 Ford chassis and jig, then pinched it where needed for the A Models, then we stretched it 6 inches to not only make it look cool and lower it but also to enhance the ride and to create a more spacious engine compartment. If you have ever stuffed a small block under the hood of a Model A, IT AINT FUN!! Street Rod Garage has solved this problem by stretching these frames 6 inches in front of the cowl, which gives you more room both in the engine compartment as well as inside the car while lowering the car in the front. These frames will fit 28-29-30-31 Ford Model A cars and trucks.

These Model A frames are built with the same quality as all our Street Rod frames and chassis. We start with sheets of 10ga (aprx 1/8th inch) steel and form them in our jig, then we weld upper and lower rails solid and then back weld for strength. We then fully box add front and rear spreaders as well as our extremely strong X-Member.

Other Options Include: Additional Pinch, Additional Kick Up in front and rear, IFS or Straight Axle suspension, IRS or 9inch Rear suspension, brakes or whatever else you made need to make these frames a complete roller for you next street rod project.


Price: $2,350.00
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